Proud to be partnering Evolt on new range of home charge units

This new collaboration marks the next generation of electric vehicle charging equipment for the home. At EV Charging Solutions we are proud to introduce an electric car charging point that monitors domestic energy consumption from appliances – to avoid overloading the power supply when a car is charging. A smart sensor communicates with the charging point so that it can automatically adjust its power delivery to the vehicle, in line with other domestic power needs.

This exciting home technology innovation marks the first steps in a new supply partnership with APT Controls. The BeOn option is available with the Evolt eHome chargepoint. An added benefit is that the unit also employs ambient heating control ensuring optimum charging efficiency in all weather conditions. The eHome starts at £185 supplied and fitted under the OLEV Home Charge grant scheme.

Our managing director, Chris Everitt, says: “This is an exciting new partnership that will introduce electric vehicle buyers to new ideas and innovations in home charging, that have been proven in commercial installations, at affordable prices.”

Justin Meyer, General Manager of Evolt, says they are extremely excited about the new technology and partnership: “The advanced home charging unit includes a number of bespoke features that will ensure that an EV unit can be installed in every home,” he says.

“We have established an excellent reputation as the ‘go to’ supplier for commercial EV charging infrastructure solutions, and it was very much part of our 2016 strategy to invest in new technologies that would further our presence in home EV charging. This partnership will help us further these goals.”

eVolt is a leading EV charge point supplier that installed its first charge point six years ago and has grown to be one of the largest providers with more than 4,600 charge points installed across the UK. eVolt is continuously bringing new innovations and charge solutions to the market.

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