Home charge units for 2019

New Wiring Regulations

The introduction of the 18th edition wiring regulations that come into force on the 1st January 2019 require additional protection to electrical vehicle charging units. Units need to be able to isolate the circuit in the event of an imbalance of more than 6mA DC when the vehicle is on charge. This can be achieved by installation of a B type rcd – upgraded from a standard A type required under the 17th edition regulations, or by additional hardware built into the unit to sense the fault and disconnect the supply.

The regulations also mandates an earth electrode to be fitted to houses with the most common earthing arrangements where the charger is to be fitted externally. Installers will be required to locate underground services with scanning equipment prior to installation of earth electrodes to ensure underground services are avoided.

These changes mean clients will find all unit costs will rise from the 2018 prices and installation prices will increase to cover the costs of the additional works required by installers and the equipment needed to scan for underground services. Where the required earth resistance cannot be achieved with a single earth electrode, further electrodes may be required to be installed. If the required resistance still cannot be reached a safety isolating transformer or similar device may be required. Renault Zoes require low earth resistances for the vehicle to operate and owners should be aware multiple earth electrodes may be required for their installations.

All our 2019 units come with built in 6mA DC detection and have A type rcd built into the unit or installed at the origin. All are OLEV approved and are eligible for the £500 government grant.

Unit options


With over 100,000 units manufactured, these units are a popular choice where clients are after reliability and value for money. The units are available in tethered and untethered and ratings of 3.7 and 7kW. Units are available as standard in green and white or in a variety of other colours at an additional cost.


Recently raising £13,000,000 of investment, this company is at the forefront of software developments and new thinking. For houses that have large electrical draws such as showers and electric heating their Active Load Management device (ALM) allows the incoming power supply to be monitored and prevent overload by reducing or stopping the charger. Where clients have 2 EV chargers on a single supply we would recommend this unit with an ALM device. Units available in 3.7 / 7kW, tethered and untethered.


New for 2019, this manufacturer offers the most cost effective unit with the added features of a smart phone app so all energy use can be seen by the end user. Handy for company car drivers or taxi drivers wanting to know the energy used by the vehicle. Units are standard 7kW and are available as tethered or untethered.

Zappi 2.0

Coming Q2 2019

We currently hold stock of EO and Growatt units and expect the first deliveries of Rolec units in the 3rd week of January.

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