how long charge electric car?

How long does it take to charge an electric car? In this article we will consider the time to charge for domestic chargers only. Charge rates for houses with a standard electrical supply will be either 3.7 or 7kW. For houses with 3 phase power the charge rates may be higher at 11 and 22kW, but how does this relate to charge time?

A few things to consider

The first thing to understand is what we fit as installers is a chargepoint, the charger itself is on the vehicle. The size of the on-board charger will determine the speed of charge, not the chargepoint. Most plug in hybrid vehicles (PHEV) will have a 3.7kW charger fitted on the vehicle with most full battery electric vehicles (BEV) having a 7kW charger. For PHEV drivers speed of charge is not as critical as they have an alternative drive train powered by fuel. The larger the on-board charger the more weight is added to the vehicle, so larger chargers are normally only used on BEVs where speed of charge is more important. Few vehicles are able to charge at rates above 7kW, presently only the following have a higher charge rate – Tesla, Zoe, BYD and I3 2017 onwards.

Miles per hour charge rate

3.7kW Charger 7kW Charger 11kW Charger 22kW Charger
Charging Speed (up to) 10 miles an hour 10 miles an hour 30 miles an hour range 60 miles an hour
Required Power Supply Single Phase Single Phase Three Phase Three Phase
Usual Location Homes Homes, Workplaces, Public Places Workplaces, Public Places Public Places, Workplaces