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A Nottingham-based Trial

The project trial involves 50 homes in the West Bridgford area of Nottingham and allows WPD to demonstrate control and communication technologies that let you and your neighbours connect up electric vehicles without delay. These technologies will be managed for short periods of the day (peak consumption for EVs) this gives WPD the valuable time it needs to plan network upgrades with minimal disruption to its customers.

EV Charging have worked closely with Nortech and The Big Wheel to ensure customer journeys are smooth and installations go ahead without issues. We offer a same day service level agreement for any issues the clients may have and to date over 30 clients have units successfully installed on the project.

Project Details

  • Date

    July 2017 to December 2017


    Connect and Manage (Western Power)




    Nortech: Project Managers

    The Big Wheel: Client Procurement

    Alfen: Hardware Supplier

    EV Charging Solutions: Delivery Partner

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