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The World’s Largest Trial of Smart Chargers

Electric Nation, the world’s largest EV trial, is revolutionising domestic plug-in vehicle charging. By engaging 500 – 700 plug-in vehicle drivers in trials, the project is answering the challenge that when local electricity networks have 40% – 70% of households with electric vehicles, at least 32% of these networks across Britain will require intervention. Electric Nation is pioneering our electric future.

Electric Nation is a Western Power Distribution (WPD) and Network Innovation Allowance funded project. WPD’s collaboration partners in the project are EA Technology, DriveElectric, Lucy Electric GridKey and TRL.

EA Technology is responsible for developing an EV charge point demand control system, working alongside CrowdCharge and Greenflux. This is the system that will change the charging rate or pause your car charge. EA Technology is also responsible for creating the event simulations that will be used to see if the system could be used to help the electricity network, as well as managing all aspects of customer research, PR, marketing and dissemination of learning for the project.

What is EV Charging Solutions’ role in Electric Nation? EV Charging Solutions is proud to be part of the Electric Nation delivery team. We supported EA Technology during project bid stage on client journey, procurement of equipment, training manuals and installer training. Now in project delivery stage, we are an appointed installer to the project, managing smart charger installations throughout WPD’s licence area.

What will Electric Nation do? The Electric Nation> project will develop and deliver a number of smart charge solutions to support plug-in vehicle uptake on local electricity networks. A key outcome will be a tool that analyses plug-in vehicle related stress issues on networks and identifies the best economic solution. This ‘sliding scale’ of interventions will range from doing nothing to smart demand control, from taking energy from vehicles and putting it back into the grid, to traditional reinforcement of the local electricity network where there is no viable smart solution.

Project Details

  • Date

    February 2017 – January 2018


    Electric Nation (Western Power)




    EA Technology: Project Managers

    Drive Electric: Client Procurement

    Alfen and Apt Controls: Hardware Suppliers

    EV Charging Solutions: Consultants and Delivery Partners

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