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Experts in Vehicle Safety Technology

Thatchams Research are experts in vehicle safety technology, vehicle security and crash repair. After installation of home charge unit to various members of staff we were asked to installed units at their head office site in Thatcham. Between 3 buildings 9 dual outlet charging units were installed connected to the manufacturers back office. Due to electrical supply restrictions 7 units used load balancing technology to balance the available power between outlets. 7 units were fed with a single 22kW supply. The units load balancing technology will allow one vehicle able of charging at 22kW to draw the maximum amount of power. If a second vehicle, again able to charge at 22kW plugs in, both outlets will give 11kW and balance the load between the outlets.

A new supply was brought from the main plant room into the car park to feed the chargers, all ground works and reinstatement took place during normal working hours with all works being complete within 2 weeks.

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    January 2018


    Thatchams Research




    GTS ground works: Civils works

    Alfen: Equipment suppliers

    EV Charging Solutions: Project management and delivery

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